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Here’s what makes Afishionado Guide Services, world-class:

Captain Wade Osborne is among the best in the world and adheres to an international standard of excellence when it comes to providing world-class light tackle sportfishing for tarpon, snook, redfish, trout, kingfish and more — at least on the west central coast of Florida anyway!

No other Tampa/St. Petersburg fishing guide provides the level of knowledge, service and quality equipment to their clients as Captain Wade Osborne. His 38 years of experience fishing the waters of the Tampa Bay region and 20 years guiding FULL-TIME has propelled him to an elite status.

Whether he’s guiding one or six anglers to some of the world’s best light tackle fishing, you’ll never catch him fishing himself or sitting on his butt, even on an eight-hour charter. That’s because he’s too busy rigging, chumming, baiting hooks and releasing fish. Osborne prides himself as being the hardest working fishing guide available. He remains on his feet tirelessly during your entire charter, to make sure you have the very best fishing experience, bar none.

Buyer beware: These days everybody and their brother is a fishing guide, mainly so they can pay for their newly acquired boat. Unfortunately, many of those part-timers have little experience, use inferior equipment and have zero customer service skills or recently obtained their USCG license. Then there are the charter booking agencies who don’t care whose boat they stick you on, as long as they take your hard-earned money. These unscrupulous charter services sadly leave the consumer very disappointed and believing that the fishing in Florida is highly overrated.

Florida is The Fishing Capital of the World. Make sure to book with Afishionado Guide Services and Captain Wade Osborne will prove it!

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Wade is the hardest working fishing guide on Tampa Bay!

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