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Call (813) 286-3437 Talk to: Captain Wade Osborne who is one of Tampa Bay's premier charter guides, with a wealth of knowledge few can rival. Tampa Bay Guides.

Picking a Fishing GuideTampa fishing guides always check the marine weather forecast for safety before fishing. The best Tampa Bay fishing guides always look at a tide chart when deciding where to fish. Some Tampa Bay fishing guides think the spring is the best time to fish.

Florida, “the fishing capital of the world.”. Spanish mackerel and sea trout are just a few of the species you can expect to catch when fishing in Tampa Bay. When booking Tampa Bay fishing charters, you should always catch fish. Not only will they guide you to some amazing fishing spots, but they will also provide the bait, light-tackle or fly rods.

Not all Tampa Bay fishing guides are the same, actually they’re a dime-a-dozen. So do your homework, visit their web site and see if they’re posting current Tampa Bay fishing reports. Tampa fishing guides who charter daily will always have an up-to-date Tampa Bay fishing report and recent photos of their catch on their web site. Check their bio, do they have years of experience fishing in Tampa Bay? Check out their boat on their web site. Most days the weather in Tampa Bay is beautiful. On those days, you will appreciate the size and safety of a 24 foot bay boat. Don’t make the mistake of booking solely on price. The old saying is, “You get what you pay for”.

This information should help you in making an informative decision when booking a Tampa fishing guides. Now when out there on your Tampa Bay charter fishing trip, don’t forget to bring a camera. There will be plenty of opportunities to have your picture taken with the trout you catch. You will encounter manatees, sharks, dolphins and various birds, including eagles.

Tampa charter fishing varies throughout the year. A knowledgeable Tampa fishing guide will suggest the best time of year to catch whichever species you desire. Whether your pursuit is tarpon, redfish, kingfish, sea trout, cobia, shark, grouper, snapper or the sometimes elusive snook, leave it to your Tampa Bay charter fishing captain to pick the best time of the year.

Some of the best Tampa fishing charters are achieved in half-a-day. If you’re traveling from afar or this is the only time you will ever be in Tampa, you might want to consider fishing in Tampa Bay for a full-day or maybe even two days. The advantage to extending your Tampa Bay charter fishing adventure is it allows more time to catch a wider variety of species and to fish a host of different areas.

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