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Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Fishing Report by Captain Wade Osborne
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Afishionado Radio, Saturdays 8-10 a.m.

Host: Captain Wade Osborne The Most Provocative
Outdoor Talk Show
on Florida's West Coast!   more >>

Corporate/Benefit Tournament Fishing Charters

Corporate Charters Afishionado Guide Services specializes in organizing company outings and corporate tournaments. Multi-boat events require expertise and planning. Tides, location and weather all play an important role.  more >>

Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg Charter Services

Mangrove snook fishing in Tampa Bay. Afishionado Guide Services, a world class outfitter, offers fishing charters on Tampa Bay’s most pristine waters. The waters of St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Tampa and Tarpon Springs teem with fish throughout the year and Afishionado Guide Services knows where to be for the very best action in light tackle sport fishing.

Three types of sea-grasses dominate Tampa Bay: shoal, turtle and manatee grass. They help maintain water clarity and provide shelter for bait fish and crustaceans, which in turn attract sea-trout, redfish, snook, cobia and tarpon thus providing excellent charter fishing.

When booking a fishing charter do your comparisons and then select Afishionado Guide Services. Wade Osborne has an outgoing personality and the local expertise to ensure you have the very best fishing expedition. He’s also recognized as one of Tampa Bay’s top producing fishing charter guides. Osborne shares his knowledge of Tampa Bay and its game-fish inhabitants with his clients each time he’s on the water.  more >>

Sunset on Tampa Bay